Mrs. T

Mrs. T has an office in the North Dallas/Addison/Farmers Branch area for her interior design and custom window coverings business.  She and I were talking about marketing and how marketing to the older affluent in Dallas, versus the newer affluent in Dallas, requires understanding of where her prospects place their trust.  It is interesting to see the few vehicles which have crossover, such as a YouTube video and a solid website.  Most of the newer methods such as Pinterest, Instagram and the more immediate video services like Vine aren’t trusted by the more established “old guard” money in Dallas.  The suburban audience, however, even if older may have some trust in the newer methods; but they still love their print magazines to make buying decisions.

I was introduced to her by her son-in-law who has an office next door.  He does the design, fabrication and manufacturing of trade show and event props in Dallas and the nearby areas.  Some of these include custom costumes for trade shows (like comic book conventions), major conferences with exhibit halls, and much more.  What made the conversation fun was how marketing to two totally different audiences had a lot of the same elements needed:  a compelling message, a call to action and techniques like search engine marketing, video marketing and some degree of social media.  We also talked about targeted paid advertising, reaching groups and forums such as those within LinkedIn, Facebook or DFW-specific niche groups online.


Love telling stories about people in the Dallas Fort Worth area including cool moms, funny coffee shop stories, and other unique people in the area!