Mrs. K

Mrs. K takes care of all of her kids even though they are all raised and educated.  She keeps the family tight and organizes tons of family get-togethers each week to keep everyone close.  Even though all are educated and leading their own lives, the family gets together to eat delicious home-cooked dinners, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and they often even travel together for vacations.

It is tough to keep everyone close and arranging for everyone to get together so frequently, but she manages to do it! Even though this is tough to do in the North Dallas area, due to so many time demands and downtime options found in the area, her busy children are respected members of the community.  Here is what they do:

  • One of her sons runs Premier Health Chiropractic serving the Plano, Carrollton and North Dallas area.  He helps patients with back pain
  • One of her sons owns a computer repair company and also serves as a combination of business and technology development for a software company serving the auto industry
  • Her daughter is a licensed family counselor serving Frisco, Plano, The Colony and Little Elm.  Clients will drive from McKinney, Prosper and Allen to see her
  • Her son-in-law helps people looking for luxury pre-owned automobiles in Dallas.  These range from typical Texas-based luxury used cars to more unique and rare models

Give credit to Mrs. K for taking care of her family and keeping these professionals as a tight-knit family!



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