Larissa is based in the McKinney area and she is handling several roles rather well!  First, she and her family moved from Utah to the North Dallas/Collin County area, so keeping a great attitude during the transition time is admirable during a time of adjustment.

Next is her supporting her kids in their school activities.  They have busy schedules and she is doing her part to support and encourage them as they grow up.

She also is a real estate agent with specialty in the Collin County area, including commercial properties like offices and warehouses.  This is needed as the growth in commercial property purchases likely will be in some sort of direct correlation alongside the growth seen in the single family residential market.  Transitioning from Utah to North Texas isn’t an easy transition, let alone becoming adept at the nuances of the commercial real estate market here.  She has done well, however, in a very short time.

Finally, she also runs a business selling a much needed product for parents and kids.  It is a unique way to help kids in either 3rd or 4th grade master their multiplication tables (aka “times tables”).   She has studied the short-term emotional and long-term financial impact of kids who don’t master math, especially multiplication, easily during those formative years.  The correlation between financial success and long-term career opportunities is much higher than many parents realize, so her product (found here) can be a very valuable way to help kids gain confidence in math and other school skills at an early age.


Love telling stories about people in the Dallas Fort Worth area including cool moms, funny coffee shop stories, and other unique people in the area!