Family Marketing

One thing which is fun about having people have the second generation of family members (or more) in the DFW area is to see them grow up and begin their careers.  Of interest is the common marketing challenges both members have even though they may be in somewhat disparate industries.

For example, one lady works on interior design in the region.  She has to deal with people selling a “non-essential” and it is a service which can add emotion, energy, and ability to receive favorable judgment from others.  The set of skills she needs, besides her actual skill, is the ability to deal with fickle people who can be demanding; but they can afford the services of someone skilled in interior design, custom furniture and custom window coverings.

On the other hand, her son helps market for and operate a company dealing an essential home service.  It also is a “dirty” business… literally!  Foundation repair in the North Texas area is a gritty business and it deals with lots of negative emotions, in contrast to what his mom deals with everyday.  No one wants to have to repair a foundation, primarily because it should have been done right in the first place.  The problems also create other issues such as affecting home price, nosy neighbors, cracks in walls, and it is expensive yet doesn’t really boost the home’s resale value or appraised value on which to borrow against for equity purposes.  For more on foundation repair in the region you can go here.

What is fun to see is how both share ideas about common marketing methods.  They give each other advice about using services like video-sharing, paid ads, word of mouth marketing, social media, print advertising and live event marketing in high-dollar homeowners associations.  The latter being able to shake hands with people who either are looking to redecorate or be made aware of a company who has a track record of successful repairs in the area.


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