AJ is a mom who is pretty amazing.  Living in Collin County, she is able to work full-time, travel for work when needed (e.g. seminars, conferences, training and client visits), teach classes at a local gym, and compete in athletic events on the weekend.  Oh… she is a loving mom as well!

When it comes to work, she helps those at the local office as well as those out in the field serving clients.  This requires a more robust approach and flexibility as often the goals of both parties aren’t always on the same page, so she keeps all of the guys sane and on the focused path!

Additionally, she is professional and ethical; and that is why she is trusted by all of her peers.  This is a rare combination of traits, so if you get a chance to meet her then you will likely have a great time as she is one of the coolest women you will meet.


Love telling stories about people in the Dallas Fort Worth area including cool moms, funny coffee shop stories, and other unique people in the area!