Leanne is an impressive woman.  She loves her kids and her husband and oversees the efforts to help her daughter improve in her young music and entertainment career.

The two parents oversee other businesses and have terrific rapport together.  They also enjoy spending time supporting their kids’ activities at school as well as helping them with social media such as Instagram and YouTube.  They are very conscientious about helping the kids grow on multiple levels such as with athletics, performance art, better understanding marketing & business, entertainment and more.


Dee is an impressive woman!  She not only serves and loves her family, but she also is involved with many professional and charitable endeavors around the Dallas area.  She and her husband were running an investment advisory firm in North Dallas, and they are still involved in the financial services industry.

They also founded a charitable organization which helps older foster care students as they are ready to leave the foster care system either by the time they reach 18 years of age or graduate high school.  Many of these kids “fall through the cracks” and traditionally have low high school graduation rates, let alone graduating college.  Most of the “infrastructure” that a kid needs by the time he/she is ready to go to college comes from family, something that the foster care kids are lacking.

Dee helps the students with leadership training, finding mentors and running the organization’s events such as a recent luncheon in Dallas to honor mentors and others who have donated time and money to the organization.

If you get a chance to meet her you most likely immediately will enjoy her company and how open and friendly she is.  Hopefully you will have a chance to have a bite to eat or coffee with her and discover more about the charitable actions she offers in the DFW community.