DeVonna is an impressive lady!  She not only is a mom and wife respected by her family, she also runs the business operations for the family heating and cooling business.

She handles everything from marketing, calls and scheduling, the books and the website.  All of those tasks can be challenging on their on, but she is able to handle them smoothly!

Hopefully if you are in the northern Collin County area (McKinney, Princeton, Fairview, Melissa) you may get a chance to meet her.  She is a great conversationalist and always has a great energy.  You likely will have a great conversation whenever you talk with her!


Wendy is one of the coolest, funniest women you will meet.  She has two kids, including a little one, yet she manages to run her own business.  This is not a business where she simply retails or fulfills part of the chain in a larger system; but instead she researches, markets, fulfills and attempts to grow her business which offers smoke, vehicle and other odor removal in Dallas, Plano and other DFW towns.

Currently her market is both retail and commercial clients, so she somehow manages to be able to “switch gears” and handle both types of clients. Oh, and she still manages to be a loving, active mom!

What makes her unique is her ability to have authentic, fun conversations with minimal judgement or hang-ups.  She can have deep conversations, funny conversations, intellectual conversations, business-related discussions and family oriented conversations.

Additionally, she loves researching.  Her research into alternative health methods is much deeper than just knowledge from spending a few hours on the internet.  She has researched chemical compounds on how they affect health, spent time working on narrowing which methods of alternative health that work which also are both actionable and cost-effective.  Hopefully hse is able to pass along this love of research, flexibility, authenticity and other terrific intangible traits to her kids as they grow up.

If you ever meet her hopefully you will have a fun conversation and enjoy her positive energy!