Kathy runs a local video interview show where she talks with Dallas area businesses.  The cool part about her is that her interview style is so natural that people tend to open up when they otherwise would be shy or reserved when on camera.  Even though the studio setting may be uncomfortable for some people, she opens up and lets her natural energy just flow.

She introduced me to some terrific people over the years, one of which is Tony.  He tends to be pretty conservative when speaking in public; but with Kathy he was relaxed and letting his guard down so that people could see the passion he has for being a full-service Dallas Fort Worth concrete contractor.  He felt comfortable enough to give tips and advice to the listeners of the show, and the information which he provided Kathy’s listeners was solid and actionable.

Kudos to Kathy for consistently bringing out the value-added information from her guests.  So many local video, radio, and podcast hosts don’t have that ability to bring out the best in their guests.  She does and it is fun to watch her natural style elicit a terrific amount of valuable content so that her fans know that they will derive benefit if they invest their time with her.