Mrs. H

Mrs. H operates a suite of driving schools in the Collin County area.  Talk about having to deal with stress!  She not only has to deal with the basics of running a business that has multiple locations – a logistical issue in and of itself (!) – but she also has to deal with teenagers who are the highest risk auto category.  Then she also has to deal with the parents too!

Kudos to her for being able to deal with all of that plus be a mom herself!

The interesting part is when the business is looking to expand.  That requires time for site locations, choosing developers and those who do “finish outs”, being compliant with the State of Texas, hiring new driving school instructors and also dealing with instructors who are qualified for adult drivers ed – a niche not commonly found.

For example, one of the goals is to market one of their expansion locations to better serve those seeking a driving school for The Colony and Little Elm.  Reaching such a fragmented market is not easy, so it can be tough trying different ways to reach parents with teenage kids in those areas when there is no one, easy way to reach everybody.


Helen is absolutely hysterical!  One of the most polished, proper women you will meet she still will make you crack up laughing with her stories!

She runs a day spa in Allen Texas offering hair salon, waxing, facials, makeup and other related salon/spa services.  The best part is that she genuinely wants to help her clients as they often go back just to learn from her.  Helen offers specials, classes, a newsletter and other beneficial tips to help her clients look terrific – not just from the outside, but tips for making improvements from the inside out.

And she is darn funny!

Hopefully you will get a chance to talk with her soon, not just for the appearance tips and services but also for a great time laughing.  If laughter is the best medicine then Helen will keep you smiling 🙂

Mrs. K

Mrs. K takes care of all of her kids even though they are all raised and educated.  She keeps the family tight and organizes tons of family get-togethers each week to keep everyone close.  Even though all are educated and leading their own lives, the family gets together to eat delicious home-cooked dinners, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and they often even travel together for vacations.

It is tough to keep everyone close and arranging for everyone to get together so frequently, but she manages to do it! Even though this is tough to do in the North Dallas area, due to so many time demands and downtime options found in the area, her busy children are respected members of the community.  Here is what they do:

  • One of her sons runs Premier Health Chiropractic serving the Plano, Carrollton and North Dallas area.  He helps patients with back pain
  • One of her sons owns a computer repair company and also serves as a combination of business and technology development for a software company serving the auto industry
  • Her daughter is a licensed family counselor serving Frisco, Plano, The Colony and Little Elm.  Clients will drive from McKinney, Prosper and Allen to see her
  • Her son-in-law helps people looking for luxury pre-owned automobiles in Dallas.  These range from typical Texas-based luxury used cars to more unique and rare models

Give credit to Mrs. K for taking care of her family and keeping these professionals as a tight-knit family!



Heather is a cool lady who sells homes in the Collin County and North Dallas region.  She has a hysterical sense of humor and is professional when it come to taking care of her clients.  They love her enough to leave lots of good reviews about her service on a reputable site like Zillow.  Click the link to discover how she has helped people including those looking at Prosper TX houses for sale.

Since she goes above and beyond for her clients and it even was shown on an episode of “House Hunters” (click here)!  Heather helped find a property for her clients who were taller than the average couple, and it took some work to help them!

Not only does she help clients find quality existing homes in the North Dallas area, she also helps them with homes being constructed, such as new homes for sale in Prosper Texas.