Jennifer is a CPR trainer and instructor, teaching numerous kinds of safety, first aid and life saving skills in the DFW region.  She is based in Garland and travels across Texas teaching CPR classes and more.

Here is more from her website

Jennie Khonsari is the lead instructor for Texas CPR Training in Dallas as well as a former EMT. Jennie started Texas CPR Training in 2002 in Dallas Texas to help educate the people in her community on the importance of knowing CPR and First Aid skills, and how this education may help save a life of a friend, family member or co-worker. She is also an American Heart Training Center with currently 200 CPR Instructors within her center.

Jennie knows all to well about the need to know CPR as her father and grandparents passed away from problems caused by heart disease. Her mother passed away March 2011 from cardiovascular disease, starting with a double amputation, kidney failure and congestive heart failure. Lastly, Jennifer herself had heart surgery 20 years ago as a result of a congenital heart defect.


Here is one of her company’s recent videos:


She cares tremendously about her students and wants them to become proficient at first aid and various life saving techniques including the newly-taught “hands-only” CPR for those in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas region.


Larissa is based in the McKinney area and she is handling several roles rather well!  First, she and her family moved from Utah to the North Dallas/Collin County area, so keeping a great attitude during the transition time is admirable during a time of adjustment.

Next is her supporting her kids in their school activities.  They have busy schedules and she is doing her part to support and encourage them as they grow up.

She also is a real estate agent with specialty in the Collin County area, including commercial properties like offices and warehouses.  This is needed as the growth in commercial property purchases likely will be in some sort of direct correlation alongside the growth seen in the single family residential market.  Transitioning from Utah to North Texas isn’t an easy transition, let alone becoming adept at the nuances of the commercial real estate market here.  She has done well, however, in a very short time.

Finally, she also runs a business selling a much needed product for parents and kids.  It is a unique way to help kids in either 3rd or 4th grade master their multiplication tables (aka “times tables”).   She has studied the short-term emotional and long-term financial impact of kids who don’t master math, especially multiplication, easily during those formative years.  The correlation between financial success and long-term career opportunities is much higher than many parents realize, so her product (found here) can be a very valuable way to help kids gain confidence in math and other school skills at an early age.


Leanne is an impressive woman.  She loves her kids and her husband and oversees the efforts to help her daughter improve in her young music and entertainment career.

The two parents oversee other businesses and have terrific rapport together.  They also enjoy spending time supporting their kids’ activities at school as well as helping them with social media such as Instagram and YouTube.  They are very conscientious about helping the kids grow on multiple levels such as with athletics, performance art, better understanding marketing & business, entertainment and more.


Dee is an impressive woman!  She not only serves and loves her family, but she also is involved with many professional and charitable endeavors around the Dallas area.  She and her husband were running an investment advisory firm in North Dallas, and they are still involved in the financial services industry.

They also founded a charitable organization which helps older foster care students as they are ready to leave the foster care system either by the time they reach 18 years of age or graduate high school.  Many of these kids “fall through the cracks” and traditionally have low high school graduation rates, let alone graduating college.  Most of the “infrastructure” that a kid needs by the time he/she is ready to go to college comes from family, something that the foster care kids are lacking.

Dee helps the students with leadership training, finding mentors and running the organization’s events such as a recent luncheon in Dallas to honor mentors and others who have donated time and money to the organization.

If you get a chance to meet her you most likely immediately will enjoy her company and how open and friendly she is.  Hopefully you will have a chance to have a bite to eat or coffee with her and discover more about the charitable actions she offers in the DFW community.


AJ is a mom who is pretty amazing.  Living in Collin County, she is able to work full-time, travel for work when needed (e.g. seminars, conferences, training and client visits), teach classes at a local gym, and compete in athletic events on the weekend.  Oh… she is a loving mom as well!

When it comes to work, she helps those at the local office as well as those out in the field serving clients.  This requires a more robust approach and flexibility as often the goals of both parties aren’t always on the same page, so she keeps all of the guys sane and on the focused path!

Additionally, she is professional and ethical; and that is why she is trusted by all of her peers.  This is a rare combination of traits, so if you get a chance to meet her then you will likely have a great time as she is one of the coolest women you will meet.


DeVonna is an impressive lady!  She not only is a mom and wife respected by her family, she also runs the business operations for the family heating and cooling business.

She handles everything from marketing, calls and scheduling, the books and the website.  All of those tasks can be challenging on their on, but she is able to handle them smoothly!

Hopefully if you are in the northern Collin County area (McKinney, Princeton, Fairview, Melissa) you may get a chance to meet her.  She is a great conversationalist and always has a great energy.  You likely will have a great conversation whenever you talk with her!


Wendy is one of the coolest, funniest women you will meet.  She has two kids, including a little one, yet she manages to run her own business.  This is not a business where she simply retails or fulfills part of the chain in a larger system; but instead she researches, markets, fulfills and attempts to grow her business which offers smoke, vehicle and other odor removal in Dallas, Plano and other DFW towns.

Currently her market is both retail and commercial clients, so she somehow manages to be able to “switch gears” and handle both types of clients. Oh, and she still manages to be a loving, active mom!

What makes her unique is her ability to have authentic, fun conversations with minimal judgement or hang-ups.  She can have deep conversations, funny conversations, intellectual conversations, business-related discussions and family oriented conversations.

Additionally, she loves researching.  Her research into alternative health methods is much deeper than just knowledge from spending a few hours on the internet.  She has researched chemical compounds on how they affect health, spent time working on narrowing which methods of alternative health that work which also are both actionable and cost-effective.  Hopefully hse is able to pass along this love of research, flexibility, authenticity and other terrific intangible traits to her kids as they grow up.

If you ever meet her hopefully you will have a fun conversation and enjoy her positive energy!


Kathy runs a local video interview show where she talks with Dallas area businesses.  The cool part about her is that her interview style is so natural that people tend to open up when they otherwise would be shy or reserved when on camera.  Even though the studio setting may be uncomfortable for some people, she opens up and lets her natural energy just flow.

She introduced me to some terrific people over the years, one of which is Tony.  He tends to be pretty conservative when speaking in public; but with Kathy he was relaxed and letting his guard down so that people could see the passion he has for being a full-service Dallas Fort Worth concrete contractor.  He felt comfortable enough to give tips and advice to the listeners of the show, and the information which he provided Kathy’s listeners was solid and actionable.

Kudos to Kathy for consistently bringing out the value-added information from her guests.  So many local video, radio, and podcast hosts don’t have that ability to bring out the best in their guests.  She does and it is fun to watch her natural style elicit a terrific amount of valuable content so that her fans know that they will derive benefit if they invest their time with her.

Family Marketing

One thing which is fun about having people have the second generation of family members (or more) in the DFW area is to see them grow up and begin their careers.  Of interest is the common marketing challenges both members have even though they may be in somewhat disparate industries.

For example, one lady works on interior design in the region.  She has to deal with people selling a “non-essential” and it is a service which can add emotion, energy, and ability to receive favorable judgment from others.  The set of skills she needs, besides her actual skill, is the ability to deal with fickle people who can be demanding; but they can afford the services of someone skilled in interior design, custom furniture and custom window coverings.

On the other hand, her son helps market for and operate a company dealing an essential home service.  It also is a “dirty” business… literally!  Foundation repair in the North Texas area is a gritty business and it deals with lots of negative emotions, in contrast to what his mom deals with everyday.  No one wants to have to repair a foundation, primarily because it should have been done right in the first place.  The problems also create other issues such as affecting home price, nosy neighbors, cracks in walls, and it is expensive yet doesn’t really boost the home’s resale value or appraised value on which to borrow against for equity purposes.  For more on foundation repair in the region you can go here.

What is fun to see is how both share ideas about common marketing methods.  They give each other advice about using services like video-sharing, paid ads, word of mouth marketing, social media, print advertising and live event marketing in high-dollar homeowners associations.  The latter being able to shake hands with people who either are looking to redecorate or be made aware of a company who has a track record of successful repairs in the area.

Mrs. T

Mrs. T has an office in the North Dallas/Addison/Farmers Branch area for her interior design and custom window coverings business.  She and I were talking about marketing and how marketing to the older affluent in Dallas, versus the newer affluent in Dallas, requires understanding of where her prospects place their trust.  It is interesting to see the few vehicles which have crossover, such as a YouTube video and a solid website.  Most of the newer methods such as Pinterest, Instagram and the more immediate video services like Vine aren’t trusted by the more established “old guard” money in Dallas.  The suburban audience, however, even if older may have some trust in the newer methods; but they still love their print magazines to make buying decisions.

I was introduced to her by her son-in-law who has an office next door.  He does the design, fabrication and manufacturing of trade show and event props in Dallas and the nearby areas.  Some of these include custom costumes for trade shows (like comic book conventions), major conferences with exhibit halls, and much more.  What made the conversation fun was how marketing to two totally different audiences had a lot of the same elements needed:  a compelling message, a call to action and techniques like search engine marketing, video marketing and some degree of social media.  We also talked about targeted paid advertising, reaching groups and forums such as those within LinkedIn, Facebook or DFW-specific niche groups online.

Mrs. H

Mrs. H operates a suite of driving schools in the Collin County area.  Talk about having to deal with stress!  She not only has to deal with the basics of running a business that has multiple locations – a logistical issue in and of itself (!) – but she also has to deal with teenagers who are the highest risk auto category.  Then she also has to deal with the parents too!

Kudos to her for being able to deal with all of that plus be a mom herself!

The interesting part is when the business is looking to expand.  That requires time for site locations, choosing developers and those who do “finish outs”, being compliant with the State of Texas, hiring new driving school instructors and also dealing with instructors who are qualified for adult drivers ed – a niche not commonly found.

For example, one of the goals is to market one of their expansion locations to better serve those seeking a driving school for The Colony and Little Elm.  Reaching such a fragmented market is not easy, so it can be tough trying different ways to reach parents with teenage kids in those areas when there is no one, easy way to reach everybody.


Helen is absolutely hysterical!  One of the most polished, proper women you will meet she still will make you crack up laughing with her stories!

She runs a day spa in Allen Texas offering hair salon, waxing, facials, makeup and other related salon/spa services.  The best part is that she genuinely wants to help her clients as they often go back just to learn from her.  Helen offers specials, classes, a newsletter and other beneficial tips to help her clients look terrific – not just from the outside, but tips for making improvements from the inside out.

And she is darn funny!

Hopefully you will get a chance to talk with her soon, not just for the appearance tips and services but also for a great time laughing.  If laughter is the best medicine then Helen will keep you smiling 🙂

Mrs. K

Mrs. K takes care of all of her kids even though they are all raised and educated.  She keeps the family tight and organizes tons of family get-togethers each week to keep everyone close.  Even though all are educated and leading their own lives, the family gets together to eat delicious home-cooked dinners, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and they often even travel together for vacations.

It is tough to keep everyone close and arranging for everyone to get together so frequently, but she manages to do it! Even though this is tough to do in the North Dallas area, due to so many time demands and downtime options found in the area, her busy children are respected members of the community.  Here is what they do:

  • One of her sons runs Premier Health Chiropractic serving the Plano, Carrollton and North Dallas area.  He helps patients with back pain
  • One of her sons owns a computer repair company and also serves as a combination of business and technology development for a software company serving the auto industry
  • Her daughter is a licensed family counselor serving Frisco, Plano, The Colony and Little Elm.  Clients will drive from McKinney, Prosper and Allen to see her
  • Her son-in-law helps people looking for luxury pre-owned automobiles in Dallas.  These range from typical Texas-based luxury used cars to more unique and rare models

Give credit to Mrs. K for taking care of her family and keeping these professionals as a tight-knit family!



Heather is a cool lady who sells homes in the Collin County and North Dallas region.  She has a hysterical sense of humor and is professional when it come to taking care of her clients.  They love her enough to leave lots of good reviews about her service on a reputable site like Zillow.  Click the link to discover how she has helped people including those looking at Prosper TX houses for sale.

Since she goes above and beyond for her clients and it even was shown on an episode of “House Hunters” (click here)!  Heather helped find a property for her clients who were taller than the average couple, and it took some work to help them!

Not only does she help clients find quality existing homes in the North Dallas area, she also helps them with homes being constructed, such as new homes for sale in Prosper Texas.